What is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach? In short, we are life changers. We offer our challengers support with their fitness and nutrition, and we offer our personally sponsored coaches a whole team of support in their fitness, nutrition, and business. If you let me sponsor you, you’ll be a part of one of the most successful teams of coaches in all of Beachbody. You’ll get all the training you need to take your business wherever you want. Sign up to make a little extra money in just a few hours a week, sign up to make a lot of money to become financially stable, or simply sign up for the 25% discount. You make this business whatever you want it to be, and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way!

Go here to sign up: Coach Signup

  • What are the requirements to be a coach?
    • There are no requirements! In order to be considered “Active”, you have to reach 50 points in Personal Volume (PV) each month. 50 PV is easily attainable with your own monthly Shakeology order (worth 90 PV), or you can sell roughly $50 in products and you will reach 50 PV.
    • There are no sales quotas, so you will still receive 25% off nearly everything you purchase for yourself even if you never make a sale.
    • You do not hold inventory. Your customers will order everything from your Beachbody website (it is entirely maintained by Beachbody).


  • Do I have to have any certifications to be a coach?
    • No! The term “coach” can be a little confusing, but all you do is share your love for Beachbody products and/or health and fitness and invite people to come along with you in improving and maintaining good health. You don’t have to be an expert in health and fitness, you just have to be able to offer support and encouragement to your customers (aka: challengers).


  • How do coaches earn money?
    • Coaches earn money from commissions (25%) from sales they personally make and bonuses from sales the team of coaches below them makes.
    • Most highly successful coaches have a lot of personally sponsored coaches and most of their income come from bonuses from their team’s sales volume.


  • Is this a pyramid scheme?
    • No! A pyramid scheme is “a usually illegal operation in which participants pay to join and profit mainly from payments made by subsequent participants” (Merriam-Webster.com). Pyramid schemes generally do not involve product sales, and the money people at the top of they pyramid receive is from getting others to pay a fee to join.
    • Nobody makes any money as a Beachbody Coach unless purchases of actual products are made. Bonuses are paid to coaches who’s team below them are making sales.
    • The Coach Business Starter Kit is $39.95, and your sponsoring coach does not receive any compensation from that fee. If you purchase a Challenge Pack, the $39.95 is waived, and your sponsoring coach does earn commissions from the purchase of the Challenge Pack (usually a fitness program + 1 month of Shakeology + at least 30 days of Beachbody On Demand).

You can be a Coach just for the discount. You can be a Coach to help a few friends and family reach their health and fitness goals. You can be a Coach to create your own business. To create a business, all you do is share your own story and invite others to come along with you. You are an encourager and a motivator to help people achieve their goals of leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

If you’d like a more in-depth preview of what we actually do as Beachbody Coaches, send me a message. My team hosts a monthly live “Glance Into Coaching” group on Facebook. You’ll hear some inspiring stories of what this business has done for the lives of so many, and you’ll hear more about the nuts and bolts of being a coach.

Do you want a discount? Do you want to help people change their lives? Contact me and let me know!