Just who am I and why am I an Independent Team Beachbody Coach? Well, let me tell you. My name is Neendoniss Woodward, but I go by Neena since most people have never seen my first name anywhere before (it’s Ojibwe for “my daughter”). I am 36 years old and have lived in Michigan nearly my entire life. I am a wife, a mom to 2 little girls, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, an aunt, a niece, a prison library technician (which is the same as a prison librarian, but with a slightly lower payscale), a University of Michigan alumna (2 times over), an anishinaabekwe (Native American Ojibwe woman), and so much more.

A few pics of me living life.

I grew up in a very small town in Leelanau County, MI where if you don’t like outdoor sports, you will be very bored. I’m wasn’t terribly interested in outdoor sports as a child or adolescent, so I was bored, bored, bored. I dreamed of moving away to a place where the nearest grocery store was less than a 25 minute drive away, businesses stayed open past 6pm, and where strangers actually existed. I made my escape to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan in 1998 (where I met my best friend with whom I lived until shortly after I got married and had my first kid) and only went back to the county for summers. I stayed in southeast Michigan after gaining a BA in Russian Language & Literature in 2002 and started working for Starbucks (again with my best friend). Starbucks was a great place to work because they offered me flexibility in scheduling, benefits as long as I worked at least 20 hours per week, the option to transfer to any store in the United States, advancement opportunities, and some of the best coworkers and supervisors anyone could ask for. Thanks to Starbucks, I had a steady income despite doing nothing with my undergraduate degree, I lived across the country in Las Vegas, NV for a year (oh, how I enjoyed not having a cold winter that year!), I earned management experience, I vacationed in Disneyworld 3 times, and I met my husband.

Eventually I got tired of working retail that was quickly turning into fast food (even Starbucks had to change the way they ran their business during the recession) and started looking for something else to do for a job. I’ve always loved reading and books and libraries, and once I found out you have to have a Master’s to be a librarian, I applied to graduate school. So, 7 years after earning my Bachelor’s, back to school at the University of Michigan I went, again with my best friend next to me. Midway through the 2 year program, I got married and had my first daughter. She turned 1 the day after graduation. I started working as a prison library technician in 2012. While I love my job and feel like I make a difference in the lives and futures of the incarcerated individuals I see every workday, I am still finding myself looking for something else. I’ve never liked working on somebody else’s schedule, so I’ve spent the last few years keeping my eye out for opportunities that would allow me to work on my own schedule (and not work on someone else’s schedule).

One day, I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed, and came across a few posts by a former Starbucks coworker. She was sharing pictures and stories from Team Beachbody Coach Summit, a yearly conference for coaches to learn more about the coaching business and Beachbody in general, upcoming promotions, and to meet and greet coaches from all over the world. I wondered what this Beachbody Coaching thing was, and whether it could be right for me. I had recently started researching Shakeology and the 25% coach discount was enticing. So I contacted my former coworker and signed up with her as my sponsoring coach. As a coach, I get an awesome discount on products for myself, I get a whole team of coaches to support me in my fitness and nutrition, I get to help others with their wellness, I get to help others with their business, and I benefit from a generous compensation plan. The coaches on our team have quit jobs they hate, taken vacations, paid off debt, bought new houses, and so much more! I plan on my business having a real, lasting impact on my challengers and personally sponsored coaches well-being and livelihood, as well as my own. One day (hopefully within just a few years), I will be able to do this full-time and I will be setting my family up for financial security for a long time to come. Then I’ll be on my own schedule, not somebody else’s. And I can work from anywhere in the world instead of being chained to a desk.

I will one day be able to work from somewhere like this, or anywhere else in the world!

Do you want a chance at making a positive, lasting impact on others’ lives while building a business of your own? Do you want a discount on Beachbody products without any sales quotas whatsoever?

Email me at coachneena@outlook.com


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