AIP Reintroductions & More

I went to a wedding yesterday and was a little worried about the food since I’ve been feeling pretty awesome since starting AIP, and I’m not eager to have any setbacks. The menu was on the invitation, so I sort of knew what to expect, but I did bring along some emergency chocolate in case I ended up hungry and needed something tasty to keep me happy. The invitation listed a few appetizers (that would certainly have gluten, and most had dairy, too), a salad with walnuts and dried cranberries, and beef or chicken, both with broccoli and dauphinoise potatoes.

The most likely choice that looked like it wouldn’t cause any issues on the planned menu was the beef. So we marked the invitation with “no sauce or dressing, no dairy, no gluten” in the hopes that would be sufficient for the caterer to prepare just a steak with no butter or sauce, naked broccoli, and the dauphinoise potatoes (the invitation said they would be like scalloped potatoes but dairy free). At our table there were 2 of us with special dietary restrictions, and both ended up wrong. The other person was supposed to have chicken with no mushrooms, and I was supposed to have beef with no sauce, dairy, or gluten. Unfortunately, the staff brought out one marked “beef, no mushrooms” and no other special plates for our table. Since I had more restrictions than simply no mushrooms, I waited for them to sort out a plate for me and the other person had the beef with no mushrooms. I was in good company and well nourished from earlier in the day, so I didn’t mind waiting for them to cook up another steak for me.

I had to wait until after everyone else had finished their cake, but when my food came out it proved to be well worth the wait! The potatoes were delicious. They looked like they had egg in them, and there was probably some sort of nut milk to help make them creamy. It was my first time having potatoes since starting AIP, and so far so good! My broccoli was actually broccolini, and I think everyone else had broccoli florets, so I’m guessing the broccoli florets had butter on them or something. The broccolini was plated underneath my steak, so it had the flavor of the meat on it and it was awesome. And the steak! The steak was decadent! It was perfectly seasoned with just salt and pepper, seared to perfection, and cooked until it was just a little pink in the middle. I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy with a steak in my life.

So the 2 foods I know I added yesterday were walnuts and potatoes. I’m not sure what else was in the potatoes, but I’m doing fine with everything I ate. I have had almost no problems with reintroducing foods. Red wine makes me a little groggy the next day (probably from the tannins), but other than that, I haven’t had any noticeable food reactions. I already knew dairy and soy are a problem, and there’s no good reason to add gluten back in, so I’m tempted to just say I’m dairy, soy, and gluten free and call it good.

The only thing that makes me feel sort of like I did before starting AIP is over-exertion. When I had my follow-up with my Integrative Medicine doctor last week, after discussing how the last 2 months have gone, his suggestions were to continue with being dairy, soy, and gluten free, avoid over-exertion but still do moderate exercise regularly, and take rhodiola for days I feel run down from doing too much the day before. For now, I’ll continue to keep track of which foods I’m adding back in just in case I have any reactions, but I’m optimistic that I’ll only have a few restrictions and continue to feel good.


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