Thankful Thursday 5.18.17

Here are a few things I’m thankful for this week: 

  1. My hubby. Right now he’s working on building a playhouse in our backyard for our kids. Today he’ll rent an auger to dig holes for concrete bases for the main supports, pour concrete, and put up the supports. This is going to be an awesome playhouse.
  2. Beachbody. Seriously, this company is doing things right. The message for us is never about the bottom line. It’s always, always about being our whole selves and helping as many people as we can.
  3. Strong unions. I have today off to chaperone a field trip thanks to the school/community leave time (paid time) available to me. 
  4. Hard workers. Sometimes it’s hard work to get things done, and I’m grateful for everyone who gets it done anyway. 
  5. Love. It makes the world go ’round. 

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