Wednesday Word Of The Day 5.10.17

I’m a nerd, it’s just part of who I am. I love word puzzles, number games, dictionaries, and even got a Master’s degree so I could work in a library. I love the organization of information, and am pretty great at finding resources to answer just about any question. I walk around counting things in my head and doing mental math all day every day, and I’m fairly certain my kids will continue to love school throughout their lives just like I do. They’re already well on their way.

With that being said, I’ve decided to post a Word Of The Day every Wednesday. I’ll pull it from one of the online dictionaries (most of them have a word of the day feature) like Merriam-Webster, Oxford Dictionaries, or, or I’ll just pick a word relevant to something I saw, read, or heard that week.

Today’s word of the day comes from Oxford Dictionaries.



(of a sound) pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.

‘her low mellifluous voice’


Late 15th century: from late Latin mellifluus (from mel ‘honey’ + fluere ‘to flow’) + -ous.


And here’s a nice sentence using the adverb version of the word from

The train chugged on mellifluously through the hills, cutting through fluffy clouds.


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