AIP Reintroductions, So Far, So Good!

I started the reintroduction phase of AIP on April 12 with egg yolks. That went well, so I added egg whites the following Saturday because I missed the convenience of eggs to round out any meal. Egg whites went well, so Paleo waffles were on the menu for Easter Sunday breakfast. I was so happy to have my eggs back!

The next thing I really wanted back in my diet was Shakeology. Now the AIP says to reintroduce foods one at a time to be sure to single out foods that cause any reactions. That means you are supposed to reintroduce one ingredient that is not elimination phase compliant at a time. There are something like 8 ingredients in the vegan flavors that are not compliant, so that would take at least 24 days. My box of the new flavors (Vanilla Vegan and Café Latte Vegan) arrived on April 19, and I couldn’t resist. I added Shakeology back in that day. With great joy, I had no reactions to Vanilla Vegan Shakeology. So a few days later I added Café Latte Vegan, and that went well, too! A few days after that, I added Chocolate Vegan. I’m so excited to say I have no problems with any of these foods so far.

Eggs, Vegan Shakeology (including coffee and chocolate) are officially back in my diet. At this point I’m not sure what I want to reintroduce next. I’ve been so happy and satisfied with the delicious, nutritious dishes my hubby has been making for me, there’s not much I really miss at this point. I’m thinking things like nuts, beans, and legumes should be next, and then nightshade vegetables (think tomatoes, bell peppers, other peppers, eggplant, potatoes, etc.).

I’m not sure what other foods to reintroduce. I’d like to be able to have butter because it’s in so much restaurant food, but I may stay away from other dairy for quite some time. I know soy protein is probably out for good, but one day I’ll try something with soy lecithin (a popular emulsifier in things like chocolate) to see just how strict I need to be with soy.

What foods would you add back into your diet from this list: grains, dairy, soy, nuts, seeds, and legumes?


2 thoughts on “AIP Reintroductions, So Far, So Good!

    1. Since my husband does all the cooking in our house, I’ve decided to go with whatever he misses cooking! He says legumes and nightshades would be the best to add back into our rotation of foods for ease of cooking, so I’ll start with legumes and then nightshade spices and see how it goes. Thanks for the luck! 🙂

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