Thankful Thursday 4.13.17

Here are some things I’m thankful for today:

  1. Abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. I’m starting to believe that food really is medicine, and I’m grateful I have access to such a variety of foods all the time.
  2. Eggs! I reintroduced egg yolks yesterday, and so far so good. I’ve had no symptoms of intolerance whatsoever. πŸ™‚ I’m oh-so-hopeful I’ll get to add egg whites this weekend and then I’ll be able to eat whole eggs again. I’ve missed scrambled eggs and fried eggs and foods with eggs in them.
  3. Kids and the joy they find every single day. The smallest of things can bring them the most happiness, and they demonstrate it daily.
  4. My hubby. He’s such a hard worker and he does it with love. I’m such a lucky wife!
  5. Patience. Sometimes the prisoners at work push limits just to push, and I’m so grateful I’m able to stay level-headed and not react to their shenanigans.

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