I Don’t Miss Cheese

Since starting this AIP thing I’ve been looking at recipes almost nonstop. The AIP Elimination Diet Support Group on Facebook is pretty awesome and people are very helpful in sharing recipes and meal planning ideas. It’s pretty amazing that people are making crackers, cookies, cakes, waffles, tortillas, and other bread-like items using no grains whatsoever. I thought I’d be missing some of my favorite foods, or that some of my favorite meals would feel incomplete because I wasn’t going to be having buns for my burgers or tortillas for my tacos. But that isn’t the case at all.

My awesome hubby is cooking up a storm for me and I’ve had tacos (with no nightshades and I don’t even miss them) with cassava flour tortillas, plantain crackers with ripe plantains and with green plantains (the ripe ones are cookie-like and the green ones are crunchy like Triscuits), and even rosemary lemon shortbread cookies. I’ve made prosciutto wrapped dates and cake batter collagen protein bars to satisfy any sweet tooth. I’ve found a love for kombucha and pressure cooked beef (if you don’t have an Instant Pot, get one, they really are that awesome), and I’m over my dislike of coconut.

I’ve been so deeply satisfied with food that I’m not even that eager to add back in some of the things I thought I’d miss most. I don’t miss bread (shocker!) or cheese (seriously, I’ve been addicted to cheese before and I don’t miss it one bit right now). I do miss cookies and real butter. Let’s face it, nothing tastes just like real butter from cows. But I think the thing I miss the most is eggs. I want eggs with my sausage and on my salads.

Next Tuesday I’ll have been in the elimination phase for 30 days, and on Wednesday I will reintroduce egg yolks. If that goes well, I’ll reintroduce egg whites a few days after that. And then I’ll start going for the ingredients in Shakeology (peas, chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, and cacao). I plan on including the collagen protein in my smoothies still because it’s flavorless and I’m totally sold on the benefits of collagen.

Recipes for all of the items mentioned above can be found by searching the internet for “AIP [name of food]”, or you can leave me a comment and I’ll find it for you. I enjoy finding recipes and reading reviews and comments to see which ones usually work and which are difficult, so ask away and I’ll gladly do the searching for you!


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