AIP: On the 5th Day, I Napped

So at Day 5, I hit a wall. I was so ridiculously tired, so much more tired than the tired I’ve been blaming on my autoimmune thyroid disease. I was so tired that I took a nap. And I almost never nap! I had to give birth to a child and then I got naps for a few months afterwards. Then I didn’t nap again until I gave birth to another child 3+ years later, and those naps only happened for a few months. Then I didn’t nap again until I had my neck cut open and had half of an organ removed along with a baseball sized AND a golf ball sized nodule. So the fact that I felt that I couldn’t make it through the afternoon without a nap is extraordinary for me. I slept for 2 hours.

But then the next day I was okay. I was back to my usual afternoon tiredness, and it was nothing like Day 5. Today, Day 8, I’m feeling pretty awesome. I’ve felt alert and not foggy all afternoon and evening so far. I’m not exactly feeling like I should run laps around the house or do an extra workout or anything like that, but I’m not dragging through the second half of the day like usual. For 8 days, I’ve eaten nothing but vegetables (but not nightshades), meat, fruit, and coconut products (oil, milk, cream, water). There have been no nuts, seeds, grains, dairy, soy, beans, legumes, or eggs. I think my body is getting used to burning fat and protein for energy instead of relying on carbs.

Thanks to my awesome, awesome hubby, I’m well fed and am eating tastier, richer food more consistently than any other time I can think of in my life. I’m so lucky to have a spouse who loves to cook and is so good at it.

I’m excited to see where this protocol takes me over then next several weeks!


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