New Challenge Groups Announcement!

Gratitude Challenge 3/20-4/9

I’ve decided to do the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge from This is mostly for fun as I generally practice gratitude regularly already, and to see what a guided gratitude practice can bring to my level of happiness. The first day is simply taking the pledge and committing to the challenge for the full 21 days, and then each day thereafter includes an exercise of some sort to get you to keep the things you are grateful for at the front of your mind. There are journal entries, photo assignments, and more.

I’ll be hosting a free group on Facebook for anyone who wants to join me. I’ll post each day’s exercise in the private group, and we can share whatever we’re comfortable sharing. We’ll start on Monday 3/20/17. Send me an email at or find me on Facebook and tell me you want to get happier with a little gratitude practice!

Irish I Was Fitter Challenge Group 3/27-4/26 (Group Open on 3/20)

Who thinks they’ll need to detox a bit from St Patrick’s Day weekend and get started on their spring fitness routine? We’ll have a soft start on the 20th and really get into the workouts and meal plans starting the next Monday. So there’s plenty of time to order your program and receive your materials. The All-Access Challenge Pack is the best deal out there and includes a full year of all of the programs Beachbody has ever made on demand and a 30-day supply of dense nutrition for $199. It’s such an awesome deal! There is a program for anybody from yoga to Insanity and everything in between. My favorites have been Country Heat (dance cardio set to country music), Core De Force (high intensity MMA inspired workouts), and PiYo (cross between yoga and pilates). There are programs for total beginners and those who have any level of fitness foundation already. The first week we’ll dig into why you want to be fitter (or whatever your personal goals may be), and I’ll help you keep that why in mind so your goals remain meaningful to you. Fill out the form on my Challenge Group Info page, email me at, or find me on Facebook asap!


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