Whelp. It’s Day 0 Again.

A crazy windstorm swept through Michigan on Wednesday last week and knocked out power for close to 1 million electric customers. DTE (who services our electric) still has almost 100,000 without power. We spent 2 nights in our cold, cold house and decided to pack everyone up and drive to family 2 hours away for the 3rd night (and beyond, if necessary). While we were packing, we received a restoration estimate of that night by 11:30pm, but, based on people’s tweets since the storm, DTE’s estimates were not reliable, so we left the house anyway. Power was restored to the house late that afternoon (Friday), so we headed back home.

Without power, there was no WiFi, and the only way to charge a cell phone was in the car. And there was no cooking with our electric stove. And there was no opening the fridge other than adding more ice to try to keep all the perishables from perishing (btw, dry ice is pretty cool, no pun intended). So there were no workouts, and AIP compliant food choices were limited. I found it too difficult to find enough protein to keep me full and went off of the AIP until we had power again and were back home in a more normal routine.

I decided to pick up with PiYo Day 22 today since the last workout I did was Day 21 on Tuesday. Since it’s an 8 week program, that pushes my completion date to April 16. And Day 1 of AIP is tomorrow all over again. I was already feeling pretty good on Day 4 (lots of protein, good fat, veggies, and fruit certainly agree with me), so I’m optimistic I’ll feel great in a few days again (other than this whole Daylight Saving Time thing). I’m also super grateful that our power was restored Friday and we’re not still waiting like tens of thousands are right now. You don’t realize just how vital electricity is to everyday existence until you don’t have it for an extended time.


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