Thankful Thursday 3.9.17

Things I am thankful for:

  1. Access to information and the skill to discern fact from fallacy. The more you know, the richer the world becomes.
  2. The body’s power to heal and transform. It’s day 4 of AIP, and I’m feeling pretty great. The caffeine headache was gone yesterday morning, and I’m already sleeping better than since before my first pregnancy.
  3. Job security. I have a job not a lot of people want, but I like it. I really hate having to go to work everyday (I’m working on changing that with my Beachbody Coaching business), but once I’m there, my time is well spent.
  4. Sleep. I mentioned it already, but I can’t say enough about how awesome sleep is. A good night’s sleep helps the body heal in all kinds of ways. If you’ve done a hard workout, this is the time your body builds and repairs muscle. If your sick, this is when your body heals the fastest. And when you’ve been sleeping poorly for months and months, a few good nights of sleep are rejuvenating.
  5. Love. My hubby is the best hubby ever.

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