Thankful Thursday 3.2.17

Things I am thankful for

  1. Access to information. This whole AIP thing isn’t promoted by many doctors in the conventional world, and I’m grateful for the people who have made it their live’s work to share what they know about dealing with autoimmune disease.
  2. My ability to evaluate information. There are a lot of pseudo-experts out there, but thanks to my parents encouragement to question everything and my education, I can evaluate sources and recognize who really knows what they’re talking about.
  3. PBS because of the awesome, educational, and entertaining shows my kids get to watch. (The Wild Kratts they picked this morning was pretty good!)
  4. My hubby because, as he’s said before, it’s not hard work when you do it out of love. He gets so much more done than I do.
  5. Sleep, when I can get it, and coffee, when I can’t get sleep (although I’ll have to switch to tea next week once I start AIP).

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