How to Rid Yourself of Vacation Bloat

How many times have you gone on vacation, eaten like your on vacation, and then feel like you need a vacation from your vacation once you’re back? I’m there right now. I thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary getaway (there were 8 breweries visited on our 4 day trip!), but my belly now feels like it needs a vacation from consuming so much. I did avoid cheese and milk since I’ve gone dairy and soy free, but I’m certain there was at least some butter involved in much of the restaurant food. Since I have relatively mild reactions to dairy, I didn’t try too hard to avoid it. But after 4 days (and going all in and having a mini hot dog with cheese sauce on it on the last day), my body is showing me that I really do need to eliminate certain foods, at least for awhile. So what do I do to get the bloat to go away quickly?

  • Drink plenty of water! Did you know your body holds onto fluid if you don’t drink enough water? That’s where a lot of bloating comes from. If you give your body what it needs (plenty of non-sugary, clear liquids), it will magically let go of the water bloat (usually, and it’s not actually magic, it’s science).
  • Reduce your sodium intake! Restaurant and packaged foods are generally high in sodium, which can cause you to retain water and feel and look bloated. Most of your bloating is probably water retention (no, you didn’t gain that much fat from eating poorly for a few days, it’s water), and reducing your sodium intake will help the water bloat go away.
  • Eat foods with more fiber! Let’s face it, most restaurant foods aren’t full of fiber. They’re pretty devoid of adequate fiber. Fiber helps everything get moving through your intestines, which helps you eliminate waste rather than having it sit there in your belly making you look and feel bloated. Caution: Don’t increase your fiber intake by too much too fast, it can cause discomfort and more bloating if your body isn’t used to it.
  • Eat pineapple! Pineapple is full of goodness that helps draw out excess bloating, including an enzyme called bromelain, which reduces inflammation and helps digest protein, thus helping to reduce belly bloat.
  • Exercise! Moving your body helps to move things along in your body, and it boosts your metabolism. Aim for 30 minutes a day.
  • Avoid alcohol! Alcohol contributes to dehydration, which will make your body hold onto fluid and contribute to bloating. So drink water, not alcohol, and your body should start to let go of the excess fluid it’s begun storing.

So here’s my game plan for the next couple of days (really, this is my game plan most days, I just didn’t do all of it for 4 days & am feeling the effects): Drink all the water, none of the alcohol, and none of the sugary stuff. Eat at home where food has less sodium than in a restaurant. Eat whole veggies & fruits. Continue with my PiYo calendar & get those 10k steps in everyday.

What are some things you do to get back to feeling like yourself after indulging on vacation? Let me know in the comments!


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