Country Heat Done. Now, PiYo!

Today, I finished my first workout program since my first ever surgery! I started Country Heat on Jan. 16, 12 days after my hemithyroidectomy on Jan. 4. I had to take it slow at first, and the muscles in my neck still are not back to normal, but I was able to work up a great sweat by the end of the 30 day program. For me, this was the perfect program to get some endurance back after surgery. Country Heat includes 6 half-hour dance cardio workouts/week, and 2 dance conditioning workouts/week. The dance conditioning workouts don’t use any equipment, and they are easily modified for any fitness level. During the first week, I had trouble with the crunches during the conditioning workouts because I couldn’t hold my head up, but I modified and worked my abs anyway.

Now that I have some endurance back, I’m ready to kick it up to an intermediate program. Core De Force provides absolutely awesome results, but I found I burned out during my second round because the workouts are up to 63 minutes/day. This was doable for one round of 30 days for me, but life was busier during my second round (and has stayed that way!) and I wanted to go back to somewhat shorter workouts. Another issue that has come up in the last several weeks is pain in my feet. I’m thinking the pain is from high impact exercise, so, while T25 is only 25 minutes/day and 5 days/week (2 rest days/week!), I decided on PiYo as it is entirely low impact.

Don’t confuse low impact with low intensity or lesser results, however. Everyone I know who has tried PiYo has reported awesome results and a great mix of workouts that build strength, increase flexibility, and melt off body fat. All of these benefits are things that many say are good for Hashimoto’s patients, so I have high hopes! I took a peek at the 60 day workout calendar (thanks to my new all access on demand pass, I get to see any program’s calendar anytime I want!), and it looks like the longest days are around 40 minutes, and most are closer to 30 minutes. So PiYo starts tomorrow and my first round will end on April 15. I’ll post a progress report halfway on March 16. Wish me luck!


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