Things to do in Grand Rapids

Every year we go away for a few nights for our anniversary. The last 2 years we went to Cleveland to explore the abundance of good eats, drinks, and shows, and it was gluttonous and wonderful. This year we picked Grand Rapids, MI, and I have to say I’m having trouble narrowing down my list of things to do to fit into a schedule of some sort. We’re planning on visiting the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, the Grand Rapids Symphony, and a show at the Wealthy Theatre (The Marcus King Band). But then there are more breweries and restaurants than we’ll possibly be able to explore over 3 nights/4 days.  The hubby will be cooking our anniversary dinner at the house I found to stay in ( is great for finding homey places to stay at decent rates, btw), so we may be having 2 dinners and up to 4 lunches out (and maybe a breakfast if there’s somewhere that is a must for that meal). Which places do we choose?! (Don’t worry about my dietary restrictions, I know how to read a menu and figure out what I should/shouldn’t have and whether it is worth having anyway.)

Founders Brewing Company is a must, as is New Holland’s The Knickerbocker, but where else do we have to go in GR? The whole inspiration for choosing this city came from a free magazine at the brewery up the street from our house that had an article about the Beer City Brewsader Passport. You get a Brewsader tshirt if you go to 8 of the breweries on the list, so what other 6 breweries do we pick?

We’re also interested in things to do in between museums and eats/drinks (outdoor activities anyone?).

Any and all input is appreciated. Leave your suggestions in the comments!


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