I have a habit of only halfway creating goals for myself. I think of things that would be nice to accomplish, and then let them hang there rather than fleshing them out. One of the trainings we have going with our team of Beachbody Coaches right now is about creating our own revival in 2017. The first day focused on defining our visions for our businesses, personal lives, or anything else we wanted to create a vision for. That’s one of the things I really love about being a Beachbody Coach. It’s not just about fitness, nutrition, and supporting our challengers and personally sponsored coaches in their fitness, nutrition, and businesses. It’s about helping people, including each other. My upline coaches are available for conversations about the business and so much more. There’s a focus on taking care of yourself because when you take care of yourself, you can offer better support to everyone around you.

We watched a video from Tony Robbins where he talked about how you get out of life what you ask of it. If you speak (or write) in generalities about what you want, you only receive things in generalities. If you say, I want to make more money, you will probably make more money. But you will not make what you want to make until you fully define what “more” means. You have to have a full vision in order to work towards anything, otherwise you’ll have no idea if you’re progressing towards your goals, or if life is giving you what you asked for or not.

So, with surgery coming up on Wednesday, I’ll have some extra time on my hands while I’m off work for 2 weeks recovering, and I plan on really fleshing out some goals for 2017 and creating a vision to work towards for the next several years. I have my fun Happy Planner where I’ll write reminders to myself to periodically quantify my progress towards my goals, and I just might create a vision board (we’ll see if I get crafty or make it all digital).

Do you set goals for yourself somehow? Have you tried making them very specific to see what happens? Comment below and tell me if you’ve tried this kind of thing before and how it went for you.


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