Random Acts of Kindness

I came across The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar a few years ago. I haven’t been good at keeping up with it, but the daily emails from Dec. 1-25 are good reminders to put kindness out into the world. Every Dec. 1, the first act of kindness is to phone somebody that you haven’t talked to in awhile to catch up and let them know that, even though you may not talk often, they are in your thoughts. Other acts of kindness include things like thanking the mailman, sending a handwritten note, smile, give to the needy, and more. The calendar first began in 2011 and that year, they had more than 800 acts of kindness shared on their website. The following year, there were more than 3,000. Last year there were 6,486 acts of kindness recorded on their website.

The calendar was started by the people at Noomii. Noomii is a professional coach directory. I had no idea they were a coach directory until today. I’ve enjoyed their emails so much over the last few Decembers that I never looked into who they are. How appropriate that the year I start my business as a Beachbody Coach I finally realize that this acts of kindness calendar that has inspired me for the last 5 years is put together by a professional coach directory! If you want to sign up to receive acts of kindness emails this December, head to http://www.noomii.com/advent-calendar/subscribe and sign up! They don’t spam at all. The only emails I’ve ever received from them are acts of kindness emails. And they have cool badges like these to add to your website:

This year, I’m committing to completing all 25 acts of kindness. I’ll start with giving my dad a call later today. We’ve always been close, but we don’t talk that often. My aunt, his sister, is having heart surgery today, so today is a perfect day to call him up and make sure he knows I’m thinking of him. You could call a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile, a relative you rarely see, a teacher that influenced you, or anyone that pops into your thoughts today. Let me know in the comments if you called/texted/messaged someone and what inspired you to contact that person!


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