Cyber Monday Fitness Deals!

I remember going Black Friday shopping with one of my aunties a few times when I was a kid. She had pretty bad arthritis for as long as I can remember, and she walked with a cane. Sometimes she used one of those Amigo motorized chair things at stores and malls. On Black Friday, her cane and Amigo were more than just aides to help her get from place to place, however. I distinctly remember her using her cane to block others from getting to some of the limited quantity sale items she wanted. I don’t think she hit anyone with her cane or chair, but she sure used them to make sure other shoppers had a hard time getting around her while she was picking out the things she wanted to buy. She was pretty good at getting the best presents for the kids in our extended family.

Now, if we just take a little time to shop around online, we don’t have to go into stores at all to get the best deals. I don’t know about you all, but I only feel like going to 2 or 3 stores at the most on Black Friday. Some years I do all my shopping online and don’t even go out on Black Friday (gasp!). It’s pretty great to be able to find deals online, and even better when the things that make it easier for me to keep my health on track are on sale.

So I’m offering everyone a deal this Cyber Monday! Anyone who purchases a Challenge Pack from me will receive a $15 Amazon or Target Gift Card, and anyone who purchases a Challenge Pack from me AND signs up as a coach will receive a $20 Amazon or Target Gift Card! Just head to my Beachbody Coach site to shop for Challenge Packs, or you can go to Coach Signup to choose your Challenge Pack and sign up as a coach (you can be a coach for any reason from just wanting the Coach Discount, to helping a few friends and family with their fitness and nutrition, to building your own business!).

Cyber Monday Fitness Deals!


Cyber Monday Fitness Deals offer is good from 7am Monday 11/28/16 through 11:59pm Wednesday 11/30/16 (all times Eastern Standard). After you make your purchase, send me an email at with your first & last name, and the email you entered when you made your purchase. Gift Cards will be sent electronically by Saturday, Dec.10. Please email me or comment with any questions!


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