Core De Force Halfway Review

I just finished Day 17 of Core De Force, and I have to say I love this program! It’s challenging, so if you haven’t been working out at all for awhile, maybe start with a round of 21 Day Fix or the like before your first round of Core De Force. It’s my first “intermediate” program, and I’m excited to say I can at least do all the moves with the modifier. After just 1 week, I ditched the modifier for several moves. 

10 days of Core De Force and Shakeology did this. Can’t wait to see in 2 more weeks!

Core De Force is an MMA inspired workout designed to shape your midsection and get you in fighting shape. As you can see from the pictures here, my midsection is quickly taking shape. I didn’t take my before pictures until day 6, and the bottom picture was on day 16. I lost  2 inches around my bellybutton in just 10 days! 
The workouts take up 36-63 minutes of your day, and there’s an Active Recovery workout every 7th day for 20 minutes. For no more than a little over an hour on any day, I’m fitting into clothes that weren’t quite comfortable a couple of weeks ago. I’m feeling stronger, there’s more definition in my shoulders, and my collarbone is showing itself more. I find myself standing up straighter with better posture all day long because my stronger  core is keeping the rest of me lifted. I’ve had back problems my whole life, and the vertebrae in my lower back have shown moderate degeneration at least since I was 23, so a workout that noticeably strengthens my core is perfect for me. I think I found my soul mate  workout. Stay tuned for the final results of my first round of Core De Force on Dec. 5!

If you want to join me in this or another workout program, send me an email at or purchase your Challenge Pack or program on my Team Beachbody site and I’ll email you. 


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